join the charging network of private stations

With Plug Inn and its “for Business” service extension, locate and reserve charging stations from individuals, professionals and retailers.

If you have a charging station, list it on the service and help the community grow.

Plug Inn is a free application developed by Renault for electric vehicles of all brands.

monetize your electric charging station

find out how much you can earn as a host by renting your electric charging station to EV drivers

which is
a day 0,00€
a week 0,00€
a month 0,00€
*estimated on a 3-hour a day basis with a minimum price of €4.50. Service fees may apply, not deducted.

looking for a private and secured charging station?

plan your trip
choose your station
book the charging session
charge your electric vehicle entry and exit inventories will be asked
pay for your charging session

renting your charging station is fully secured

Renault is committed to provide a secure Plug Inn app

members identity is controlled and verified with Stripe Identity

Stripe Identity allows you to automatically confirm the identity of bookers and to prevent frauds while making the experience more fluid for legitimate users.

detailed inventory of the charging station and its direct environment

an optional inventory is requested from the driver before charging their electric vehicle

secure transactions with Stripe

Stripe banking solution is PCI DSS certified by Visa and Mastercard: this international security standard ensures the confidentiality and integrity of cardholder data and thus secures the card and transaction data