Plug Inn
Join the first electric recharge network that connects people

Plug Inn app gives you access to the fastest-growing electric recharge network, connecting electric car drivers with private charging station owners

A man using the Plug Inn app

monetise your charging station

share it with other Plug Inn members in exchange for economic compensation

manage your charging station easily

follow up with your charger’s metrics and use Plug Inn’s financial simulator

A person charging his car battery
A person using the features of the Plug Inn app

enjoy the network charging your electric vehicle anywhere and anytime

Plug Inn multiplies the available charging spots, making it easy to recharge whenever you need it

Be one of the firsts to join the Plug Inn network

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More than a network, a community

It’s important to have a community that shares my values, stays together, and contributes to the greater good.
Marc - Alençon
It feels really good to know that there are charging spots available thanks to the app.
Louise - Chambéry